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January 29th, 2012

Conflicting emotions

I guess it would be arbitrary to wish everyone a happy New Year because
a) no1curr
b) I'm a whole month too late

That brings me nicely to my second point, OMG OMG OMG AAAAAAAAAAAH WE'RE ALREADY A GOOD MONTH IN TO 2012!!!!
How is that even possible?

This actually means that I'm sooo close to going to Uni now and this whole last stretch business is beyond draining. I don't care what anyone says, A-levels are damn hard and they certainly aren't getting any easier. I know I've said this before and it won't be the last time either but teens my age are put under way too much pressure.
What kind of a twisted oxymoron is it that this is the time of our lives where we're supposed to be the most care-free yet we're told everyday that whatever we do now will dictate our entire lives? SERIOUSLY.

I hang around some immensely intelligent people and I have never seen any of them so unhappy all because of school. Not only have we all lost our social lives to this, we're all just feeling a tad lost and this is in a private school, it's crazy!


The problem with me is that I'm consistently lazy and am actually a month behind in all my work...and I'm supposed to be an A student...LOL
I keep fluctuating between OMG MY LIFE IS ENDING UGBDIKGBXDFHKJBF HKJVB and deliriously placid. I just don't care anymore! Or do I? IDEK!!
Eeeeeeh, it's too tiring to stay in this state for any longer. I just want to eat and sleep.

Long story short:Bla bla bla, First world teenage problems. Sympathise with my creys.


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